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Cougar Ridge Development and Subdivisions

The Cougar Ridge Development is a multi-phased subdivision located in Polson, Montana. The development encompasses a diverse blend of commercial, single family-residential, and multi-family residential properties. 406 Engineering has successfully completed comprehensive engineering design and construction services to facilitate continuous expansion of the development. Key facets of the project include roadway, grading and drainage, underground and above ground storm water infrastructure, water main, gravity sewer main, pressurized sewer main, and sewer lift station designs. 406 Engineering has provided oversight for all aspects of these designs throughout construction to ensure compliance with design standards throughout each phase of the development.

The successful execution of this project required understanding of the client’s vision for the development and strategic coordination with the City of Polson to design the lift station, pressurized sewer main, and a large portion of the gravity sewer main. These designs were vital in helping alleviate a section of the city’s existing sewer system by redirecting flows away from overburdened infrastructure. 406 Engineering is currently working on a large multi-family subdivision for this development. Planning for future phases of the development is currently underway, which will include additional commercial and residential subdivisions in the near future.

Wilderness Club Development

The Wilderness Club is a one-of-a-kind Montana resort spanning over 550-acres in northwest Montana’s vast Tobacco Valley near Kootenai National Forest featuring a top-rated golf course and glacial lake. Within this resort is a partially developed 320 lot subdivision featuring luxurious cabins and cottages. The project is to be developed in ten phases. 406 Engineering is working to complete the planning, design, and construction oversite for the remaining phases of the subdivision including the development of roads, storm water infrastructure, public water supply and distribution system, public wastewater treatment system with pressured collection system, and general site development. All aspects of these designs will be inspected during the construction phase of the project to ensure compliance with design standards. 406 Engineering has already completed the engineering design for three of the phases consisting of 77 lots. Planning for future phases is currently underway which will include residential subdivisions and commercial site development style projects.

Remington Flats Subdivision

The Remington Flats Subdivision is a 152 Lot subdivision located centrally within the Mullan Area Master Plan. This project is in alignment with the cohesive vision for the community’s values and is proposed to be gradually developed throughout seven phases. By utilizing the Neighborhood Character Overlay process for the development of the 20-acre site, 406 Engineering was able to design a higher density development utilizing connected structures, while still providing each homeowner ownership of the land their homes are located on.

406 Engineering provided a wide variety of services for this major subdivision including land use planning, engineering, and construction oversite. Development of this subdivision involved strategic coordination with the city and with the adjacent developments. Major efforts were put into the engineering design to accomplish the extension of public infrastructure including water mains, sewer mains, and roadways. The development of the Remington Flats Subdivision played a pivotal role in the continued development of the Mullan Area Master Plan, as the infrastructure installed within this subdivision serves as the foundational framework for adjacent properties within the masterplan area to begin development. Numerous phases within the subdivision have already been designed and constructed, and 406 Engineering will continue to work on the designs for the next phases of the development.

Sommers Street Subdivision

The Sommers Steet Subdivision is the development of an up-and-coming community located in East Missoula, along the serene banks of the Clark Fork River. Including approximately 280 units, this subdivision will be one of the largest developments in the area; consisting of a diverse array of multi-family homes, duplexes, and single-family homes to provide housing options for a broad spectrum of price points. Unique outdoor recreational facilities will to be implemented into this subdivision, including a river walkway to allow the community to have easy access to the adjacent river.

406 Engineering will be providing a comprehensive suite of services for this project including land-use planning, engineering, and construction oversight. Many unique challenges have arisen within the planning phases for this development requiring close collaboration between 406 Engineering, the City of Missoula and other various agencies. Some of these unique challenges include ensuring protection of a loved blue ribbon trout steam that the subdivision borders, resolving access issues from adjacent properties, and upgrading existing facilities to comply with current city standards within a very narrow right-of-way. 406 engineering is currently working towards finalizing the preliminary planning phase of the project and efforts have begun towards the engineering design for the development.

Elk Ridge Subdivision

The Elk Ridge Subdivision, situated in rural Ravalli County on a 97-acre parcel, features a 35-lot subdivision with on-site water and sewer facilities. Meticulous planning was required by the 406 Engineering team to effectively layout lots and roadways due to the challenging topography and particularly steep slopes. Preserving some of the historical aspects of the land was a unique aspect of this project and part of the client’s vision for the subdivision. To accomplish this, one of the lots was developed around an old farmhouse that sat on the property. 406 Engineering utilized its years of engineering design experience to prepare construction plans addressing storm drainage and erosion control to protect Dry Creek and downstream neighbors. One of the most challenging portions of this project includes diverting an existing irrigation overflow which ran through the property. In order to do this, a pipe network was designed to convey the flow through the site towards Dry Creek. 406 Engineering was involved with this project from start to finish and has successfully completed all phases of this development.

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